For all of you who have been following Vincent the miracle kitten’s journey to recovery, I’m pleased to report Vincent is recovering well. 

As you know, Sue risked her well being to save Vincent and the Monmouth County SPCA performed life-saving surgery on him. 

Vincent’s ear was cut badly, parts missing, end of tail debrided and bone sticking out. Needed  partial amputation and displaced hip needed surgery to steady it. 

Vincent’s multiple surgeries and medical care have cost thousands of dollars. Please make a tax exempt donation below to help cover the costs. 

Thousands have read my blog on the heroic effort that saved Vincent (now named after Vincent Van Gogh) when Sue stopped on Rt. 9 highway traffic to save poor Vincent injured lying between lanes. 

“On her way to the funeral of Salena Lesniak, Senator Lesniak’s wife who died suddenly last Tuesday, Sue saw an injured cat alongside the roadway. Here’s her story … 

Driving up Route 9 at approximately 7:15 a.m., I saw a little cat in the second lane of the highway getting passed by cars that barely missed him. As I passed, I saw his head go up and realize he was alive. What would Salena do? I asked. Rescue the cat!”

We visited Vincent who is recovering well from multiple surgeries at the Monmouth County SPCA and met with countless amazing staff who are dedicated to saving animals and finding them homes. The SPCA Executive Director, Chief Ross Licitra, Barbara Lovell-Napoli, Associate Executive Director, and Dr. Nicole Feddersen, the veterinarian who tended to Vincent, led me on a tour through the facility. 

Vincent was brought back to the shelter by Brenna who is fostering him while he is in quarantine. I was amazed by how great a recovery he is making. The scar where his ear was removed is almost fully healed and he is even growing fur in the area which will cover it nicely. Dr Feddersen also gave us great news that his hips were healing better than expected and may not need an additional surgery to set them back into place.

During the next part of the tour, Dr Fedderson brought us to their high-tech operating room, where they perform hundreds of surgeries every day. 

Vincent already has a lineup of adoptive parents starting, of course, with Sue who risked her life to rescue him. Vincent has had multiple surgeries and may need more. His medical care has cost thousands of dollars. Please make a donation to help cover the costs. Thank you for your kindness and compassion. 


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