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The Lesniak Institute advocates for environmental protection, training the next generation of American Leaders to fight for cleaner air and protection of our public parks and land.

Help us continue to advance environmental protection as The Lesniak Institute For American Leadership advocates for legislation across New Jersey and America.

Help us continue to advance environmental protection by donating to our cause.

NJ Green Amendment

We are advocating to amend the NJ constitution to grant every person the right to a clean and healthy environment.


The Green Amendment, ACR80/SCR30, would ensure every person has a natural right to a clean and healthy environment. The amendment to the NJ Constitution would hold the state accountable to avoid breaking these rights by action or inaction. To make sure the state of NJ represents our best environmental interests, the Green Amendment would provide that the State’s public natural resources are the common property of all of the people. The State would serve as a Trustee of these resources and have a duty to conserve and maintain them for the benefit of all people.


Why Advocate

Parts of NJ have the worst air quality in the nation. New Jersey is at ground zero for frequent storm surges and flooding due to climate change caused by ozone emissions. Hurricanes like Irene and Sandy will continue to cause suffering and devastation. For the future health and safety of our residents the Green Amendment needs to be implemented. The right to a healthy environment is a fundamental right, one that should be guaranteed by the New Jersey Constitution.

Join The Movement

New Jersey residents please thank Senators Bateman and Greenstein for sponsoring the Green Amendment, and encourage them to get it through committee.

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