On her way to the funeral of Salena Lesniak, Senator Lesniak’s wife who died suddenly last Tuesday, Sue saw an injured cat alongside the roadway. Here’s her story … 

Driving up Route 9 at approximately 7:15 a.m., I saw a little cat in the second lane of the highway getting passed by cars that barely missed him. As I passed, I saw his head go up and realize he was alive. What would Salena do? I asked. Rescue the cat! 

I went down the highway, through the ShopRite parking lot to get back onto Route 9. The light was red for Route 9 traffic, so I saw my chance 一 Pull up fast. Stop car. Hit flashers. Jump out. Grab cat. It’s alive and hissing at me with its claws dug into the pavement. Toss him into my car. Close the door and drive off before the light changes. 

Now I am crying and shaking like a leaf. What to do? Call my vet. Not open. Call my friend Kristen totally raving. She suggests Garden State Veterinary Hospital in Iselin as it is just off the Parkway and I will pass it on the way North to Salena’s funeral Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Newark.  

Call Garden State Veterinary Hospital to explain the situation. I need help to get the kitten out of the car. Go to hospital. Hospital aide has rubber gloves on and no blanket. I tried to grab the kitten who is resting on the floor. The kitten goes nuts running around in the car. I am afraid it will get out and get run over on Highway 27. Aide gets a blanket. I grab the kitten who bites my hand in 5 or 6 places along with a few scratches, but we get it inside.

I fill out papers. Name of cat? Unknown. Owner? Unknown. I say, “Please take care of it until we can be in touch later.” I need to go to the hospital for a rabies shot and infection prevention. I get an EMT to meet me at Trinitas. I get my rabies shot, antibiotics and x-ray at Trinitas Hospital and out the door in time to get to the church. Vet calls. Cat has ear cut badly.  Parts missing, end of tail debrided and bone sticking out. Needs partial amputation and displaced hip which needs surgery to steady it. They give the kitten sedation and fluids. He is eating. 

Senator Lesniak gets Brian Hackett, NJ state director for the Humane Society of the United States, involved. Brian calls me around 6:00 p.m. and says Monmouth County SPCA will assume responsibility for treatment and recovery. He is so sweet, and such a little baby, 3-4 months old. Dr. Levine of Garden State Animal Hospital has been wonderful, really caring as is the staff. They are taking great care of the little guy. 

To be continued, but it looks good for the miracle kitten. He’s resting comfortably. 

The Monmouth County SPCA is also much appreciative of all of these efforts.