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Time For Chris Smith To Go

Chris Smith is the only Republican in the House of Representatives from New Jersey. His no vote on The Equality Act which recently passed the House demonstrates his lack of compassion and empathy and his belief that it’s ok to discriminate against the LGBT Community in America.

Twenty six states allow discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations against the LGBT Community. New Jersey is not one of them. We amended our law against discrimination in 1991 to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

When will Chris Smith come to the realization that LGBT discrimination will not be tolerated in New Jersey? Perhaps when he’s voted out of office.

Michael Gonzales, a student in my advocacy class at Kean University, wrote to Congressman Smith asking for his support for The Equality Act The Congressman’s response was to vote against it.

Congressman Smith has often demonstrated his anti-gay beliefs. One would think they wouldn’t extent to discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. Think again.

Congressman Smith is an embarrassment to the State of New Jersey. It’s time for him to go.