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Senator Lesniak interviewed guests from around New Jersey about causes important to the Lesniak Institute

Senator Ray Show with Dr. ArminoRectangle 46 copy 

Senator Lesniak, through his many years of advocacy work and legislation, has seen that advocacy initiatives can take many forms of art. This video discusses the special teachings of Dr. Joseph Armino who along with his student Chris Brandon discusses how the best art is created through raw interest. Dr. Armino takes a psychological approach to breaking down the structured boundaries of art and develops art through inspiration and raw creative intelligence to find the individualistic styles in his students. Dr. Armino's students show an inspired and goal oriented initiative to use their art to spark interest in like-minded individuals which is a key start to cause reform.

Senator Ray Show with Rudy GarciaRectangle 46 copy 

After years of combating laws against sports betting, Senator Raymond Lesniak has played a crucial role in legalizing the practice in the state of New Jersey. This segment introduces the Senators latest book, Beating the Odds, regarding his journey with sports betting legalization. This video discusses the new avenues that the legalization of sports betting will create for the state, such as job opportunities and tourism. Former Union City Mayor and Assemblymen, Rudy Garcia, shares insight on his experiences with his political career, sports betting, and the value of being given an opportunity.

Ray of Hope with Brendan Gill & Charlotte GalaRectangle 46 copy 

In this segment of Ray of Hope, Senator Lesniak talks about the issue of community cats with Essex County Freeholder, Brendan Gill and cat advocate, Charlotte Galla. Gill discusses his long career in public service and his passion for working alongside the public through advocacy. Charlotte Galla, speaks on her experiences with community involvement, and the methods she used to introduce animal welfare and environmental protection ideas to her community.

Ray of Hope with Jefferey Nash & Charlotte GalaRectangle 46 copy 

Senator Raymond Lesniak sits down with Freeholder of Camden County, NJ, Jeffrey Nash and cat advocate, Charlotte Galla to discuss banning puppy mills, being a responsible breeder, and monitoring/caring for homeless animals in our communities.

Jefferey Nash has gained great notoriety for his Animal Welfare Avocation, and emphasizes the importance of selling rescue animals, instead of selling puppies that are mass bread under horrifying conditions. Similarly, Charlotte advocates for and facilitates the health and welfare of the homeless cats that share our community.

Ray of Hope with Angi Metler & Vin GopalRectangle 46 copy 

In this episode, Senator Lesniak welcomes Senator Vin Gopal who has been recently elected to the senate and has taken over a variety of Senator Lesniak's animal welfare causes to continue the pursuit of making New Jersey the Humane State. He also welcomes Angi Metler, the executive director of the Animal Protection League of New Jersey.

Both agree that killing competitions need to be ended. This 'family friendly' event should not be in New Jersey, or any state to encourage children to learn how to kill precious animals.

Learn more about animal welfare causes and what The Lesniak Institute is doing to protect them by clicking here.

For the full video, visit the Hudson Media Groups YouTube page

Ray of Hope with Emily BankRectangle 46 copy 

In this video, our Founder and President, Sen. Raymond J. Lesniak discusses Desmond's Law with Rutgers Law Student, Emily Bank. In short, Desmond's law will give a voice to abused animals by allowing law students and volunteer lawyers to serve as legal advocates for animals that are the victims of animal abuse. For more about Desmond's Law or to contact your legislator to advocate for Desmond's law, click here. 
Emily Bank is a huge animal advocate who holds the position as president for the Rutgers Law School Student Animal Legal Defense Fund and has appeared as a guest blogger on The Lesniak Institute site. If you're also an animal advocate you can order a humane state license place here!
To see the full episode, visit The Hudson Media Group on YouTube by clicking here.

Ray of Hope with Tammy MurphyRectangle 46 copy 

On this episode of Ray of Hope, Sen. Lesniak discusses the need for better prenatal and infantile care in New Jersey. This is one of the many issues the First Lady of New Jersey has taken on as her mission.

One of the causes The Lesniak Institute advocates for are wrap around community schools which will provide the framework and support for community schools with family resource centers in every low income district in the state. It will focus on prenatal care to 3 years old in an effort to lower infant mortality rates.

To see the full episode, visit The Hudson Media Group on YouTube by clicking here.

Ray of Hope with Sarah MackRectangle 46 copy 

Sarah, the director of The Lesniak Institute for American Leadership speaks with Senator Lesniak, the founder and president of The Institute about the organization from its past to its present and future.

In this episode, they discuss a previous effective gun violence forum with high school students, the current state of the puppy mill petition, and the importance of getting involved with the government to make changes. For more information about The Lesniak Institute, visit

To see the full episode, visit The Hudson Media Group on YouTube by clicking here.

Ray of Hope with Kelly Q.Rectangle 46 copy 

On this episode of Ray of Hope, Sarah Mack, the director of The Lesniak Institute for American Leadership and Senator Raymond Lesniak, the founder & president of The Institute, welcome special guest, Kelly Q.

Kelly recently won the License Plate Design contest that was running on the Lesniak Institute website for a time being. The contest required students of any age to submit their artwork to be placed on a license plate in New Jersey. The new license plate will be called The Humane State license plate and the funds received by the purchase of the plate will go toward the Animal Welfare Federation of New Jersey to continue on the pursuit of making New Jersey a humane State.

During the episode, Kelly will discuss her interest in animal welfare as well as art and what had inspired her to submit her lovely design. Click here to order your own humane state license plate!

(We must receive 750 license plate commitments in order to start printing the plate. Your commitment matters greatly to the designer, Kelly and all of those who care so deeply for the animals in New Jersey.)

To see the full episode, visit The Hudson Media Group on YouTube by clicking here.

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