By: Katie Parrish


In a typical year, Communities of Color and low income communities face increased health issues such as asthma because they are overexposed to toxic air pollution. Now, with the added risk of Covid-19, it is especially critical to reduce the harm caused by air pollution. That is why the Ironbound Community Corporation, the New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance, and Clean Water Action have led years of work on the Cumulative Impacts Bill (S232/A2212)


The proposed bill would be one of the country’s strongest environment justice bills and would be a tangible next step in our state’s stated commitments to equity.  It would allow the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to evaluate permit applications based on the cumulative impacts of toxic air from polluting facilities in a neighborhood. It would also expand the rights of everyday citizens to weigh in on decisions and promote green businesses that are interested in protecting the health of communities. You can learn more directly from the bill’s sponsors and the leading advocates by watching this Environmental Justice Town Hall.



The Cumulative Impacts Bill (S232/A2212) was passed by the State Assembly yesterday, August 26th, and now awaits Governor Muphy’s signature.  Governor Murphy has already expressed his support for the bill. Now we need you to use your voice to urge him to sign it. 


 According to the lead advocates, here are the best things you can do to help get the bill over the finish line and to the Governor’s desk-

  1. Call the Office of the Governor [ (609) 292-6000 ] to express your support for the bill.
  2. Send Governor Murphy an email expressing your support.
  3. Write posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter about the bill tagging Governor Murphy




We have taken to the streets to say that Black Lives Matter- now we need to take action to follow through on that commitment. Supporting this bill is one step in that journey.


About The Author: Katie Parrish is a recent graduate from Rutgers University, currently working and volunteering in climate advocacy.