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Take Action to End the Sale of Puppies from Puppy Mills in NJ Permanently

1. Sign the End Puppy Mills Petition below and share it among friends and family.

 2. Write a letter in support of legislation that would end puppy mills and send it to your legislator. Make sure to express the importance of banning puppy mills, and ask them to sponsor and  introduce legislation.

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Your donation will be used to support the advocacy effort to enact legislation to ban the sale of puppies from puppy mills.

Donate to End Puppy Mills in New Jersey.




Banning puppy mills is a push to revise the “Pet Purchase Protection Act,” signed into effect in 2015, to prohibit the retail sale of animals from puppy mills. Legislation would require pet stores to disclose the origins of the dogs and cats they sell, and would bar animal rescue organizations, shelters and pounds from obtaining cats or dogs from breeders or brokers in exchange for payment or compensation. We are asking NJ legislature to put an end to the inhumane treatment of animals by adopting policies that better monitor and restrict the sources of cats and dogs sold by pet dealers in New Jersey.

Why Advocate

Puppy Mills are large-scale commercial establishments that breed dogs to sell typically on an intensive basis and in inhumane conditions. Dogs and cats are bred in conditions that maximize profit without consideration of  the wellbeing of the animals, often producing dogs and cats with heredity defects. These animals are then sold at pet stores, afflicted with serious psychological or health problems. Some of the many illnesses include zoonotic diseases which can be spread to other pets and humans. Many of these animals end up homeless or euthanized because of the health issues, much like the faith of the animals which weren’t sold. Banning Puppy Mills will significantly reduce the amount of sick, homeless, and euthanized dogs/cats in NJ.

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Sign The Petition

I hereby call on the New Jersey Legislature to effectively ban the retail sale of puppies from puppy mills throughout the state. Puppy mills should be unequivocally condemned for their cruel and inhumane disregard for animal welfare. Putting an end to these establishments will stop the cruelty while reducing New Jersey’s stray population and the number of animals euthanized annually.

New Jersey residents please sign this petition and urge your legislators to ban the retail sale of animals from puppy mills.

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