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Your donation will be used to support the advocacy effort to enact legislation to ban the bear hunt in NJ.

Donate to End The Bear Hunt in New Jersey.


Governor Murphy has authorized a bear hunt.  The hunt will occur December 5th-10th, 2022. This decision was deemed an emergency ruling by the Governor and the Division of Fish and Wildlife. On November 15th, at the Fish and Game Council Meeting the council, comprised of over half hunters voted unanimously in favor of reinstating the hunt despite the overwhelming majority of the public comments in opposition.

Why Advocate

Bear hunts do not reduce human-bear conflict, and are no more than trophy hunts, spilling blood of innocent creatures for pleasure. As it stands, the proposed bear hunt also fails to meet the requirements set by the New Jersey Supreme Court to keep NJ’s neighborhoods safe from disease. Hunting creates an increase in opportunity for  animal–human interactions and can even be attributed to facilitating zoonotic disease transmission. The widely used practice of bating promotes bears to congregate at designated locations, raising the risk of disease introduction, and spillover into other wildlife species, domestic livestock, and humans. Baiting related diseases like Bovine Tuberculosis and Chronic Wasting Disease, have cost affected states hundreds of millions of dollars in direct costs over the past decade. It is possible to live in harmony and co-exist peacefully with bears, and that calls for more effective trash management, and bear-smart policies, not more killing.

Sign The Petition

Governor Murphy made a promise during his campaign, that if elected he would place a moratorium on the hunt. Please sign our petition to let Governor Murphy know we are holding him to his word. The bears need you. 

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