Vincent, the miracle cat, was adopted today after four months in quarantine – a tribute to Sue who saved Vincent, Brenna who adopted Vincent, and my wife Salena who instilled in me her love for animals. 

When Salena died, July 3rd, suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 43 yrs, I was devastated. I’m still suffering and will continue to grieve Salena’s death for the rest of my life, but am comforted by her gifts of love for all beings and a miracle that happened on the day of Salena’s funeral. On her way to the funeral, our friend Sue saw a little cat in the second lane of the highway injured and getting passed by cars that barely missed him. Sue asked, “What would Salena do? She said, rescue the cat! 

Sue went down the highway, through the ShopRite parking lot to get back onto Route 9. The light was red for Route 9 traffic, so she saw her chance 一 Pull up fast. Stop car. Hit flashers. Jump out. Grab cat. It’s alive and hissing at her with its claws dug into the pavement. Toss him into my car. Close the door and drive off before the light changes. Sue took the cat, who had an ear eaten off, (the reason for why he’s named Vincent) to the Monmouth County SPCA where he got superb treatment.