Create a Demand for Recycling

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Take Action to Create a Market in New Jersey for Recycled Content

There are 2 important ways you can make a huge difference for New Jersey's environment.

While plenty of people sort their garbage and recycling each week, there is no guarantee that post-consumer recycled content will actually be used in the creation of new products. Bill S2515/A4676 would help divert the problem by requiring certain products sold in New Jersey be made of a percentage of post-consumer recycled content. Requiring manufacturers to use post-consumer recycled content will solve the recycling crisis by creating a demand for recycled materials and a precedent for the rest of the country to follow. 



1/10/2022 The bill has passed both houses of the NJ Legislature. Governor Murphy has 7 business days to sign the bill.


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STEP 1: Email Governor Murphy Today!

Sample Email to Governor Murphy

Subject line: Please sign S2515/A4676 to create a demand for recycled content

Dear Governor Murphy,

As a concerned resident of New Jersey, I strongly encourage you to sign S2515/A4676, which would require manufacturers to use post-consumer recycled content. This bill has already passed both the Senate and Assembly on 1/10.  

Bill S2515/A4676 would establish post-consumer recycled content requirements for rigid plastic and glass containers, paper and plastic carryout bags, and plastic trash bags. Post-consumer recycled content simply refers to materials that can be recycled after a product has been discarded. These requirements would encourage manufacturers to use available recycled materials instead of letting them sit in landfills and pollute our state. This bill would require manufacturers to use a percentage of recycled materials in products that will be sold in New Jersey. The bill would also ban the sale of polystyrene loose fill packaging, often referred to as packing peanuts.

I ask that you please stand with promoting environmental protections and call on leadership to sign S2515/A4676!

Thank you for your consideration.




STEP 2: Follow Up With A Quick Phone Call Today!

After emailing your Governor Murphy, be sure to follow up with his office with a polite phone call. Calling takes less than two minutes, and it’s really easy! We’ve prepared a sample script for you to use but please feel free to modify it to make it more personal. 

Office of Governor Murphy 
(609) 292-6000

Sample Call Script 

Hi, my name is _____, and I’m a New Jersey resident from __(city)__. I’m following up on an email I sent earlier about requesting Governor Murphy to please sign the bill to create a demand for recycled content. The bill number is A4676/S2515. 

I ask the Governor to please help end the recycling crisis we are in, and sign S2515/A4676 which would  require manufacturers to use post-consumer recycled content.

Thank you.

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