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The Most Significant Criminal Justice
Reform Initiative in America

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Signed Into Law on January 20, 2020


About the Bill

S761/A1986 will provide inmates the support to have a successful reentry into society. Prior to release, there will be a reentry plan implemented for each inmate with services that will cover medical, psychiatric, psychological, educational, vocational, substance abuse, and social rehabilitative services shall be incorporated into a comprehensive reentry plan. With clear expectations of them and the legal system, these rehabilitation programs will help aid the wellbeing of each inmate as they renter society.

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Why Advocate

S761/A1986 turns incarceration into opportunity for people who feel that they have had no choice other than resorting to crime to survive. This system provides inmates a second chance at earning a life as a healthy law-abiding citizen. Earn Your Way Out will finally allow people to receive the help and services needed to keep them from falling into a life of crime. It will educate people on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and give them alternative ways to survive without crime.


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