The purpose of this petition is to ban retail sales of cats and dogs unless they come from regulated rescue agencies.

California and Maryland are leaders in passing legislation to ban puppy mills. Both states successfully passed bills stating that the only legal sale of cats and dogs are from rescue agencies.   

Puppy Mills put profit above the well-being of animals. Female dogs and cats are bred at every opportunity with little to no recovery time between litters. When the dog/cat is no longer able to produce offspring, it is usually euthanized. It took NJ only one year to euthanize 15,340 cats and dogs.

Animals sold at pet stores more often than not have serious psychological or health problems. Some of the many illnesses common to pet store puppies include zoonotic diseases which can be spread to other pets and humans.

Banning Puppy Mills will significantly reduce the amount of sick, homeless, and euthanized dogs/cats in NJ.


Ban Puppy Mills in New Jersey

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