Urge Your Legislators To Ban Puppy Mills in New Jersey

Puppy Mills are large-scale commercial establishments that breed dogs to sell typically on an intensive basis and in inhumane conditions. Dogs and cats are bred without consideration of genetic quality producing dogs and cats with heredity defects. Legislation sponsored by Senator Lesniak banning Puppy Mills was vetoed by Governor Christie. Pending legislation will ban the sale of puppies and cats in New Jersey from puppy mills.

Banning Puppy Mills will significantly reduce the amount of sick, homeless, and euthanized dogs/cats in NJ.

New Jersey residents please sign this petition and urge your legislators to ban the retail sale of animals from puppy mills.

Ban Puppy Mills in New Jersey

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Latest Signatures
61 Ms Sarah M. Roselle park Puppy mills do not take genetics into consideration. Oftentimes dogs from puppy mills have underlying health conditions. Aug 07, 2019
60 Mrs vicki b. Howell Want to help animals Jul 31, 2019
59 Mr Frank P. elmwood park Please end puppy mills Jul 21, 2019
58 Denise L. Fords Jul 18, 2019
57 Brenda P. East Moriches Jul 18, 2019
56 lawrence g. Jul 18, 2019
55 Michelle Renee D. Woodcliff lake Because ADOPT DONT SHOP Jul 18, 2019
54 June B. Jul 18, 2019
53 Pamela S. Hillsdale Non humans deserve to live free of pain, sickness, injury, and fear, just as humans do. Jul 18, 2019
52 Elaine Y. Bedminster Jul 17, 2019
51 Barb S. Sewell Jul 17, 2019
50 Joei R. Jamesburg Puppy Mills are torture for these innocent animals! It's just a money maker for vile beings!! All puppy mills should shut down! Jul 17, 2019
49 Patricia M. Winter Park Animals are entitled to a life, just like humans are entitled to a life. Jul 17, 2019
48 Michele V. Hamden Jul 17, 2019
47 Bennie S. Flippin Because I support adoption of already existing pets Jul 17, 2019
46 louis g. Jul 17, 2019
45 Kay L. Thornton animal protection Jul 17, 2019
44 Shawncey W. Montpelier Puppy Mills cause suffering to both anmals and humans. Animals should not be used as a source of profit. Jul 17, 2019
43 Norma V. Jul 17, 2019
42 Marie-Christine L. MONTCLAIR Jul 17, 2019
41 Lori R. Lumberton We need to stop breeding by greedy humans for profit and adopt out all the poor animals at risk of euthanasia in our overcrowded shelters. Jul 17, 2019
40 Nicole F. Toms River Jul 17, 2019
39 Suzanne T. Jul 17, 2019
38 Margaret M. Staten Island Jul 17, 2019
37 lyn d. simple logic Jul 17, 2019
36 Christina C. Brooklawn Jul 17, 2019
35 Tiffany M. Charlottesville Jul 17, 2019
34 Debra A. Hoboken Jul 17, 2019
33 Brigitte K. Mendham Puppy mills are wrong! Jul 17, 2019
32 Sandra M. Round Hill I'm interested in protecting animals. Jul 17, 2019
31 Sandra I. Prescott Puppy mills are cruel and unnecessary - in fact, they are costing tax payers money! Jul 17, 2019
30 Jenny W. Jul 17, 2019
29 Iris S. New York it is cruel and inhuman Jul 17, 2019
28 Kathleen H. Oak Ridge Jun 17, 2019
27 Toby Ann R. Valley City Puppy mills are nothing more that places of torture! Shut them dog!! Jun 11, 2019
26 Mari S. I care about well-being of all animals -- they are vulnerable, innocent beings who MUST be protected from abuse, cruelty, murder, etc., at the hand of evil Humans. Jun 11, 2019
25 Lucy F. I’m against any and all forms animal abuse and exploitation May 13, 2019
24 Samantha N. North Plainfield To protect living things May 02, 2019
23 Breanna P. Ocean City because puppies deserve a better life Apr 30, 2019
22 Kimberly A. Nutley Because the animals need my voice. Because they are the most precious beings and I thank Ray Lesniak and the institute from the bottom of my heart for all that they do! Apr 28, 2019
21 Erica S. Apr 03, 2019
20 Cynthia R. Mar 30, 2019
19 Caitlyn M. Mar 29, 2019
18 Jane S. It's time for a change. Mar 29, 2019
17 Vanessa O. Union Feb 19, 2019
16 Jynnette B. Englewood To stop this problem. Feb 08, 2019
15 Elizabeth B. Beachwood puppy mills are terible Feb 08, 2019
14 Madison K. Wantge I signed because puppy mills are absolutely disgusting. Feb 08, 2019
13 Jimmy D. Union It's a good cause Feb 08, 2019
12 Jonathan S. Phillipsburg Puppy mills are barbaric and third world, wholly un-American. Feb 08, 2019
11 stephanie m. Union Puppy mills are inhumane Feb 08, 2019
10 Sirchie C. Bound brook Puppymills are a cruel and horrific industry. Nazi style breeding concentration camps...puppies for profit. These poor dogs experience no love, toys, affection. All so their babies can be sold to brokers and pet shops. Many of the puppies suffer physical and mental illness. Adopt, dont shop Feb 06, 2019
9 Paige A. South Amboy When I was younger, I got a puppy from the pet store and 6 years later, she died. This isn't a long life for the pup that I had. It was later that I found out that she was the product of puppy mills. Little girls shouldn't lose their dogs due to the inhumane treatment in puppy mills. Feb 06, 2019
8 Nancy C. Clifton I'm against animal cruelty Feb 03, 2019
7 John S. Jan 28, 2019
6 Sarah M. Roselle Park Jan 28, 2019
5 Adrian B. Jan 25, 2019
4 Marisa D. I signed because animals need a voice. Jan 25, 2019
3 Deseray P. Jan 25, 2019
2 Kate R. I signed to help ban Puppy Mills in NJ Jan 18, 2019
1 Alker-Kelly A. Roselle I signed because as an animal lover I truly support this initiative - it's time to put an end to puppy mills. Jan 18, 2019