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Urge Your Legislators To Ban Puppy Mills in New Jersey

Puppy Mills are large-scale commercial establishments that breed dogs to sell typically on an intensive basis and in inhumane conditions. Dogs and cats are bred without consideration of genetic quality producing dogs and cats with heredity defects. Legislation sponsored by Senator Lesniak banning Puppy Mills was vetoed by Governor Christie. Pending legislation will ban the sale of puppies and cats in New Jersey from puppy mills.

Banning Puppy Mills will significantly reduce the amount of sick, homeless, and euthanized dogs/cats in NJ.

New Jersey residents please sign this petition and urge your legislators to ban the retail sale of animals from puppy mills.

Ban Bear Hunt

Dear Governor Murphy,

I am writing to you in support of the Coalition To Protect New Jersey Black Bears From Cruel, Unnecessary, and Ecologically Damaging Trophy Hunts and its Petition to NJ Department of Environmental Protection to repeal rules permitting black bear hunting.

I am asking that you make it a priority to end bear hunting for the sake of preserving our ecosystems and public health.

Thank you,
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